Karenni and Its Sub-Tribes

Someone asked me the represented name of Karenni and its sub-group,s their future constructed title of all ethnic groups and possible their common ethnic language. Following diagram is drawn according to the list from “Kayah” (ကယား), published by Burmese Socialist Program Party in 1967.

Those links at the end will provide you to understand about Karenni (Red Karen) and its various groups.

Ref: Commoditization of Culture and Tourism Development in an Ethnic Community: The Case Study of Long-Necked Kayan (Padaung) in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand by mm thinker

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2 responses to “Karenni and Its Sub-Tribes

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  2. You must try to imagine that you are an official who must write people’s ethnicity in their passports. There is a long queue of people waiting. How do you determine people’s ethnicity?

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